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Can you imagine a world without makeup??

No mascara, no lipstick, no eyeliner, and no foundation!



How much time would we save without it?

How much different we would look without it?

In October this world became my realty, I felt God asking me to not wear makeup ALL MONTH!!

I would have rather gone a month with no food, no chocolate, I’d dare to say I’d rather go a month without coffee. (For those you know me well, you realize how big of a deal this statement is!) But makeup!!! REALLY!?!?!

The first day, I got up, started my normal routine. Then the moment for makeup came… I remembered I wasn’t supposed to wear it, HOWEVER, I still opened my makeup drawer. I looked at the mirror, and then the makeup, the mirror, the makeup, the mirror, the makeup… Finally, I shut the drawer and literally ran out of my house so I had no choice but NOT wear makeup.

 I have NEVER felt so self-conscience in my life.


Driving to work questions ran through my head: “What will people think?” “Will they ask if I’m sick?”(Seriously, I’m not sure why this is the first questions girls get when they don’t have makeup on!?!) “Will they think I’m ugly?” “Will they still want me around?” In the mixture of my questions I remembered… I have a photo shoot today!! OMG! (Note: I don’t have a photo of this, however, I didn’t wear makeup.)

During that month I STRUGGLED DAILY, to the point I found myself crying that I had allowed makeup to become so important to my confidence & identity. I recognized makeup had become a MAJOR security blanket in my life; some would say an idol.

The moment of truth came near the end of the month. I was at a friend’s wedding and was about to post a picture of me and my friend I went with, however, I was afraid of what people following my social would think. (I know this sounds pathetic, but tell me you haven’t done this before.) I started reviewing the photos I posted that month and realized I literally had NOT posted ONE photo of myself ALL month.

So I posted this picture:

Lauren's Wedding

On my drive home, I started to ask myself a lot of questions. (Here are a few)

When did I start believing I wasn’t enough?

How did I let something like tubes of lipstick or a little concealer define my worth?

What did God want me to learn in this torturous experiment?


Don’t get me wrong, I think makeup is AMAZING!!! I love it!! Eye Shadows, eyeliners…I could spend WAY too much time & money at Sephora or Mac, if I let myself. However, it’s like money. There is nothing wrong with money, but we get in trouble with the love of money, and in this case it was the love of makeup. I was putting my worth into my makeup and not in my identity in Jesus.

After I got home from the wedding I started taking selfies and looking at each one saying, “You are beautiful just how God created you!” “You are beautiful just how God created you.”


Me Since this experience I have started daily reminding myself whom God created me. The Bible says:

 “What matters is not your outer appearance—the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes—but your inner disposition.  Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in. I Peter 3:3-4 (msg)

Maybe makeup isn’t your thing…. Maybe it’s social media; work, A RELATIONSHIP, money, sports, social status, music, and the list could go on…


What is the THING you are putting your security in?

It might not be a negative/bad thing, however, if you are putting it above Jesus it’s becoming a negative/bad thing.


If you have thought of something my challenge for you is to take ONE month and give it up! One month and see how it affects you!!


I believe YOU CAN do it. I DID!!